After his parents were driven mad from the sounds, noises, and other strange audible signals emanating from his car seat, they decided to focus his musical energy into something constructive and signed him up for church choir at the age of five, and drum lessons at age seven. Hauser has since participated in numerous choirs, musicals, orchestral, marching, symphonic, and jazz bands studying under Joe Nero at the University of the Arts.


Mike decided to enter the pop scene and use his eclectic experience to write unconventional arrangements akin to 60's innovators such as Brian Wilson, McCartney, and Brian Eno while incorporating modern sounds of subtractive synthesis into his folk-pop roots. As a result, Hauser went on to participate on American Idol, open for acts such as 2 Chainz, Drake Bell, and Vacationer, and self-produce his debut EP "Memories on Polaroid".


In addition to his solo career, Mike is a founding member of the indie-rock band The Radiographers- playing guitar, synth, and singing/songwriting alongside Devin Ganey, drummer for Kai Orion, organist/vocalist for Elizabeth II, and producer for numerous artists.


Mike Hauser and his backing band are currently playing shows in the DC area, cultivating their local fan base before branching out to other areas of the globe.



  • Successfully auditioned into American Idol's 2018 top 180
  • Opened for:
    • 2 Chainz
    • Drake Bell
    • Vacationer
  • Over 20,000 plays on Spotify

Meet the Band: Mike Hauser & Company


Sienna Marie Tabron is currently a senior piano performance major at the University of Maryland. She began taking piano lessons at age seven and has continued her studies for the past fourteen years, currently studying under Dr. Mikhail Volchok. Sienna has been invited to perform at different university events hosted by the NAACP, the Black Student Union as well as master classes, honors recitals, and showcases organized by the University of Maryland School of Music. Through participation in piano competitions, Sienna was invited to play at Carnegie Hall four times, won first place in the 2013 Garcia Festival Sonata Division, first place in the 2012 and 2014 Northeastern Pennsylvania Philharmonic Piano Competitions, as well as first place in the 2012 and 2014 Anne Liva Piano Competitions. In her spare time, she composes and writes her own music. Sienna aspires receive her masters and doctoral degrees in Piano Performance and study abroad.


Beth Cannon is a rising guitar force in the DC music scene. Pairing bluesy licks along with various Contemporary solo styles, she’s earned praise from world class guitarists like Slash, Nick Johnston, and Kevin Thrasher. Over the years she's studied alongside world class guitarists while pursuing courses at Berklee College of Music in Boston and Musicians Institute in Los Angeles and developed proficiency in blues, funk, rock, neoclassical, jazz, and classical guitar. Beth, along with her signature blue hair, fronts and is the sole songwriter for her alter-ego rock and roll band, Elizabeth II. Her original songs and covers are driven by her powerful thunderous vocals backed by her exquisite rhythm and leads. She's currently a guitar, bass, and voice instructor at DC's very own 7DrumCity.




Joey Antico has quickly become a sought-after drummer to share the stage in the Baltimore, D.C area.  Although his roots are in jazz, Antico strives to bridge the gap of old and new music, staying true to the tradition of jazz music while incorporating new ideas and electronics where they appropriately fit.  As a gigging and touring musician, Antico has had the opportunity of sharing the stage with acts including BØRNS, Chuck Redd, Adrian & Meredith, and Chris Vadala. In addition to his live performances, Antico works as a studio musician and can be found on albums by Todo Mas, Otis Infrastructure, and Chris Urquiaga among others.




Devin Ganey has been writing ditties and extended aimless chord progressions on a 30-year-old acoustic since before he knew how to drive. When they do let him out of the house, he plays guitar and sings for the DC-based band The Radiographers, and plays bass for multiple local projects– including the one who’s website you’re on now! He’s is also an aspiring cat-owner and a deeply troubled Internet user.